Glide path strategy

Glide path strategy

Moving from capital appreciation to capital preservation as the year of enrollment approaches.

Discover how your portfolio's asset allocations change over time.

Start by selecting the estimated years until enrollment and interact with the graph to view selected asset categories or click and drag within the graph to zoom into a specific time frame.

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Selected Year of Enrollment Portfolio:

What's the foundation of a well-positioned glide path?

Creating an asset class mix designed to help manage investment risk at every time frame up to the expected year of enrollment:
  • Non-linear glide path designed to minimize volatility in the Year of Enrollment Portfolios before education funds are needed
  • Utilizes a number of investment managers and their disciplines – choosing active managers for the asset classes where it matters most to assist with portfolio diversification
  • Active asset allocation and monitoring by dedicated manager research team
  • The investment management team has deep asset allocation expertise, also managing the Principal target date funds
Dynamic glide path, built using:
  • Educational statistics
  • Average savings rates and forecasts
  • Demographic and census data
  • Tuition growth forecasts
  • Risk assumptions

Asset allocation and diversification do not ensure a profit or protect against a loss. The investment manager's investment philosophy and strategy may not perform as intended and could result in a loss or gain.