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Watch videos full of educational content to help you make decisions about your college savings goals.

How a financial professional can help you save for college (30 sec.)

Watch this 30 second animated short on how a financial professional can assist you in reaching your college savings goals.

Asset TV Masterclass: 529 Plans

Hosted by Asset TV, three experts, including Tyler DeHaan from Principal, explain the tax structure, advantages and estate planning benefits of 529 savings plans. They also define qualified higher education expenses, offer creative examples, and share unique ways to use 529 plans from a financial planning standpoint. A preview is available here. Visit the Asset TV link below to view the full video, which is available for CE credit.

How a financial professional can help you save for college (90 sec.)

This 90 second animated short provides suggestions and statistics on how your financial professional can help you save for college.

Asset TV News Brief on Scholar's Edge 529 Plan

View this video from Asset TV to hear how the Scholar's Edge 529 Plan makes brighter tomorrows a reality through smarter choices in education savings.

The 4 P's: Simple changes for learning success

As the education landscape continues to change, it is important to adapt conditions to help your learners strengthen wellness and work successfully. We call these conditions the 4 P's.

Exclusive webinar

Watch Dr. Sandra Chafouleas as she shares insight into how to promote academic, emotional, social, behavioral, and physical well-being during different and changing learning models.
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Exclusive webinar with renowned psychologist Dr. Sandra Chafouleas