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Access literature and forms to help manage your education savings needs.

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How to Thrive While Remote Learning

Creating an environment that's primed for learning can help your family stay on track with education goals. Follow these helpful tips!


How to Maintain Your Family's Wellness During Unprecedented Times

Bookmark this guide full of resources to help your family stay well during times of change.


Introduction to 529 plans

A 529 plan is a tax-advantaged investment vehicle within the United States designed to save for future higher education expenses for a specified beneficiary.


Comprehensive Educational Savings Overview Presentation

Use this comprehensive presentation to cover key details of the education landscape, 529 plans, and the benefits of investing with Scholar's Edge.


Scholar's Edge 529 Information for Investors

Information on the Scholar's Edge 529 Plan and how it may be a good fit for your investment plan.


Help Your Grandchild's Education Dream Come True with Scholar's Edge

Information on 529 plans that grandparents may find useful in their investment plan.


Saving for Your Children's Future

A general overview of education costs, 529 plans and why Scholar's Edge may be right for you.


Enrollment Form

Use this form to open a new Scholar's Edge 529 account.


Rollover Form

Complete this form to initiate a direct rollover from another 529 college savings plan (529 Plan) or an Education Savings Account ("ESA") to an existing Account in Scholar's Edge.


Entity Enrollment Form

Use this form to open a Scholar's Edge 529 account for a trust account, business entity, scholarship, non-profit or government entity.


Payroll Direct Deposit Form

Use this form to start, change, or stop payroll direct deposit instructions on your existing Scholar's Edge account(s).


Change of Investment Form

Use this form to request one of your twice per calendar year Investment Option changes or to change your future contribution allocations.