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New education savings opportunities for New Mexico residents

Explore some of the many ways New Mexico residents can capitalize on a 529 plan's flexibility and how it can be a valuable tool in planning for your financial future.

Enrollment kit

Scholar's Edge 529 enrollment kit

The Scholar's Edge 529 Plan enrollment kit contains materials needed to enroll in the plan, including the investor brochure, enrollment forms and the plan description. 

Enrollment kit

Scholar's Edge plan description and participation agreement

This plan description and participation agreement describe the terms of your account with Scholar's Edge.


Rising education costs: Inflation whitepaper

Inflation is top of mind for many consumers today. As inflation goes up, paychecks and education savings accounts alike need to stretch a little further. Explore our insights on tuition inflation and practical tips for managing the financial pressure of higher education.


Navigating market cycles whitepaper

During unpredictable financial markets, it can be tempting to deviate from your education savings plan. While this is natural, it’s important to avoid impulsive decision-making, as it can lead to unwanted financial outcomes.


Pick your education savings brackets

529 plans go head-to-head against alternative savings options. Which one can help families get to the education savings finals?


29 ideas for using your 529 plan

529 plans are a popular way to save for education, but did you know that they offer much more flexibility than just paying for college? Explore some of the many ways you can capitalize on a 529 plan’s flexibility and how it can be a valuable tool in planning for your financial future.


SECURE Act 2.0 overview

SECURE Act 2.0 has opened up a new and powerful planning avenue for education and retirement savers.


Benefits of using a financial professional for 529 plans

Financial professionals can help your family reach your education savings goals, working with your unique financial situation.


FAFSA bulletin

Those applying for financial aid will begin to see a redesigned and streamlined FAFSA form and the replacement of the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) with the Student Aid Index (SAI). What you need to know to navigate the new FAFSA.