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Employer matching for student loan repayment

Industry regulation continues to make it easier to achieve both education and retirement goals. As part of SECURE Act 2.0, employers can match an employee’s student loan repayment with a contribution into their retirement plan.


Scholar's Edge 529 Spanish brochure

¿Por qué invertir en plan 529? Un Plan 529 es una de las mejores maneras de ahorrar para la educación e invertir hoy puede significar más dinero ahorrado para el futuro.


Tips for a lifetime of successful savings

Throughout your life, you will have ideal opportunities to save for your goals like retirement and education. Learn how to take advantage of these opportunities when they arise.


Benefits of a 529 plan

See how 529 plans can benefit each generation and potentially help reduce debt.


Accelerated gifting with 529 plans

Learn about how accelerated gifting works with 529 plans a part of your estate planning.


Education savings checklist for families

Tips for how to have a conversation with kids focused on saving for education costs.


How to fund education savings without withdrawals

Learn how to save for education without having to withdraw money from your bank or investment accounts.


Scholar's Edge 529 portfolio options

View year of enrollment, target risk and individual portfolios.


Scholar's Edge 529 for account owners

Learn why Scholar's Edge can help with your 529 education savings needs.


Tax benefits by state

Learn the tax advantages for 529 plans in your state.


Introduction to 529 plans

A 529 plan is a tax-advantaged investment vehicle within the United States designed to save for future higher education expenses for a specified beneficiary.


Comprehensive educational savings overview presentation

Use this comprehensive presentation to cover key details of the education landscape, 529 plans, and the benefits of investing with Scholar's Edge.