529 investment portfolio options

A variety of options for a variety of needs.

529 investments

Scholar's Edge offers a variety of portfolio options to fit your education savings needs.

Our experienced investment managers review return forecasts, risk assumptions, tuition and cost growth rates, average account balances, risk tolerance, and average savings rates to create our 529 investment portfolios.

With three different types of portfolios, you can find an investment option that supports your education savings goals.

Portfolio options

Year of enrollment

Get potential for long-term growth of capital, and with a focus on preservation of capital as the target year of enrollment of the beneficiary nears.

Target risk

Access portfolios with investment diversity and asset allocations that maintain a defined level of risk.


Choose from an array of investment options to create your own personalized investment plan.

Glide path innovation

Moving from capital appreciation to capital preservation as the year of enrollment approaches. Discover how your portfolio's asset allocations change over time.

Pricing & performance

View monthly, quarterly, and year-to-date returns of the Scholar's Edge portfolios by unit classes, and take a look at their annualized returns over different time periods.

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