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Access forms and educational resources to help manage your education savings plans.

A 529 plan is a tax- advantaged investment vehicle within the United States designed to save for future higher education expenses for a specified beneficiary.

You want to do all you can to help loved ones succeed, and that includes providing a solid education. The Scholar’s Edge 529 plan is a tax-advantaged savings account designed to help families save for that dream.

529 plans offer many advantages to investors saving for education, including tax-deferred earnings and tax-free qualified withdrawals.

The Scholar's Edge 529 Plan Enrollment Kit contains materials needed to enroll in the plan, including the Investor brochure, Enrollment forms and the Plan Description. 

This Plan Description and Participation Agreement describes the terms of your Account with Scholar’s Edge.

Portfolio options to fit your education savings needs. Year of Enrollment, Target Risk and Individual Portfolios.

Fill out this Scholar's Edge 529 certificate and say happy birthday with a 529.

Celebrate a new arrival with a 529 and complete this Scholar's Edge 529 certificate.

Use this Scholar's Edge 529 certificate to share your gift of 529 for an upcoming graduation.

This Scholar's Edge 529 certificate can announce your gift of 529 for any holiday.

Use this form to authorize the change of the Broker/Dealer or Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) listed on your Scholar’s Edge Account.

Use this form if you are transferring to a different Account Owner or Beneficiary.

If you are an agent pursuant to a Power of Attorney document, and you would like to be added as an agent to 529 Account(s), please complete this Agent Certification Form.

Use this form to open a Scholar’s Edge 529 account for a trust account, business entity, scholarship, non-profit or government entity.

Use this form to add, change, or delete Recurring Contributions, Bank Information, and
Systematic Withdrawal Program (SWP) to your Scholar’s Edge account.

Use this form to change: your name, address, phone number, email address, Successor
Account Owner, Beneficiary Information, Interested Party information or Trusted Contact
Person information.

Use this form to open a new Scholar’s Edge 529 account.

Complete this form to initiate a direct rollover from another 529 college savings plan (529 Plan) or an Education Savings Account (“ESA”) to an existing Account in Scholar’s Edge.

Use this form to request one of your twice per calendar year Investment Option changes or to change your future contribution allocations.

Use this form to start, change, or stop payroll direct deposit instructions on your existing Scholar’s Edge account(s).

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Get answers to frequently asked questions about 529 plans, Scholar's Edge 529, and ways to save for education.

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Learn about the quick, easy and free ways you (and your family and friends) can contribute to a 529 plan.

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